Wastewater Management

Douglas OHI has entered into an agreement with Bionest Technologies Inc, a Canadian company, giving it access to the Bionest System. The System has demonstrated an exceptional capacity for purifying domestic wastewater. The technology has been tested by third-party entities against protocols recognised in Canada, the United States, Europe, South and Central America and the Caribbean (NSF, CE Mark, BNQ) and has consistently met and surpassed the standards. Its performances have been verified by ETV Canada, mandated by the Government of Canada to verify environmental performances of technologies.

The System is totally enclosed which makes it odorless. Among its qualities, the System is robust, able to sustain hydraulic shocks. Simple to install and to maintain and has built-in redundancy. If purified water is re-used, the System usually pays for itself in less than two years, where water is desalinated. The Bionest System is a submerged fixed film reactor using a non-biodegradable media. The whole treatment train consists of a settling tank, the reactor with aeration and disinfection. Operating and maintenance costs are low.

The System may be delivered in 3 different formats, buried re-using existing tanks where applicable for permanent use, in containers, also for long-term use, and in containers (BIONEST OASISTM) for non-permanent use. All three formats allow for re-use the purified effluent.

Douglas OHI is convinced that installation of the BIONEST system will add considerable value to client's projects.


BIONEST purified treated sewage effluent can be used for:

  • Dust suppression
  • Irrigation
  • Laundry
  • W.C.'s
  • Cleaning
  • Firefighting
  • Vehicle washing
  • Concrete curing
  • Compaction
  • Water for the oil fields drilling


  • Projects and programme management
  • Design and design management
  • Effective leadership and management
  • Partnering and collaborative working with clients and support chain
  • Creation of sustainable solutions
  • Innovative thinking, translating into best value for our clients
  • Excellent technical skill
  • Creation of a safe, healthy working environment


Douglas OHI believes in leading by example and leveraging its experience in favour of our clients. To achieve our environmental goals, a good number of our projects will use the Bionest technology to purify our wastewater on site. This will considerably reduce the amount of trucking currently in use and significantly reduce our carbon footprint. Douglas OHI will also make this Bionest technology available to all our clients not served by sewage works.

Douglas OHI is committed to continuous improvement and delivering best value throughout our operations.

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Current Projects
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  • Muscat City Centre – Cinema & food court extension.
  • British School Muscat
  • Extension to Barka 1 – Desalination Plant.
  • Military Technical College
Joinery & interior - Current Projects
  • VOX Cinema’s at Muscat & Qurum City Center
  • Head Office Fit Out; British Petroleum (BP)
  • Spa & Gymnasium Fit Out, Chedi Hotel

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