Successful completion of safe man-hours without LTI in different project sites, Sultanate of Oman

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Douglas OHI project team have successfully completed 50,000,000 safe man hours without LTI in Sohar Refinery Improvement Project, Sohar

Sohar Refinery Improvement Project, Sohar


Douglas OHI project team have successfully completed 2,000,000 safe man hours without LTI in Barka IWP Project

Barka IWP Project


Douglas OHI – Plant Department team have successfully completed 1,000,000 safe man hours since last LTI


Douglas OHI project team have successfully completed 1,000,000 safe man hours without LTI in Salalah II IPP Project

Salalah II IPP Project

Douglas OHI announce Sohar IPP award

Douglas OHI LLC is pleased to announce the award of phase two of the Sohar IPP for the civil and building works from GS Engineering. This is another significant project to add to our already impressive portfolio of works in the Power and desalination sector.

This is not only just the 8th project following on from the success of Sohar Phase one, Barka IWPP phase one and two but our third project with GS engineering. This reinforces our ethos of the 'Trusted Partner' and we hope our reputation for quality, delivering and working in mutual cooperation will in the near future proffer another successful partnership here in the Sultanate.


Douglas OHI Blood Drive:

8/1/2011: Douglas OHI teamed up with the Ministry of Health to support the National blood drive at their office in Ghala. Blood shortages are not uncommon in the Sultanate and every drop counts insuring proper health care for all residents of the Oman. In a statement made by Mr. Graham Hutchinson, General Manager, said "At Douglas OHI we feel we have a social responsibility to do what we can to give back to the people of Oman who have given us so much. Our success as a company goes beyond our financial results, it also based on a corporate and social responsibility to help our community through important programs such as this".

Forty seven employees turned out for the first ever blood drive at Douglas OHI and Mr. Graham Hutchinson hopes to increase on that amount for the next time around. "All the team members were very excited to be part of such a positive program and we look forward to continue to support the Ministry of Health in its sterling effort to create a blood bank to save the lives of those in urgent need. He added "Hopefully next time we can increase the number of participants to one hundred."


Douglas OHI are the gold Sponsor for Oman Construction Summit.

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Douglas OHI is a member with Oman Society of constructors.

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