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Acting Responsibly

As a leading Omani provider of construction services that has been operating in the Sultanate since 1981, Douglas OHI is dedicated to the long-term sustainable development of the industry.

With this in mind, wherever we operate, we’re committed to employing local people, working with local SME’s and developing local capabilities in order to deliver substainable commercial benefits for the country. We place a strong emphasis on growing the local economy, and believe it is our responsibility to invest in the communities and develop business that brings value to Oman through:

  • Support and development of SME’s.
  • Omanisation – training and development of national talent and capability.
  • Corporate social responsibility – we believe that being a responsible business towards all our stakeholders and society is essential towards national success.
  • Research and development – we are always looking at how we can innovate to create value for our stakeholders, the industry and the Sultanate.


At Douglas OHI we believe that it’s crucial that we are responsible about the effect we have on the local community and provide them with the support they need for a better future. We’ve been supporting the people of Oman to lead independent and active lives for nearly 4 decades now.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our sustainability journey and the UN's global goals.

Target 17 of the UN SDGs puts the focus on working in partnerships to achieve our goals.  A framework for the future.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have helped us at Douglas OHI to frame our thinking and guide our decision-making on our own sustainability journey.

Image taken from Douglas OHI's blood drive. Part of our community support

Responsible Business

Aaron Hennessy, General Manager, Douglas OHI:

Acting responsibly is at the heart of all we do at Douglas OHI. We believe that corporate social responsibility can make a positive difference for everyone – our employees, our business, our customers, the construction industry and the communities in which we operate.
The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals have helped Douglas OHI frame our thinking and guide our decision-making when choosing which partners we work with. Our aligned thinking has resulted in many successful projects, and together we monitor and evaluate the impacts of our projects so that we can adapt and improve future initiatives – improving the outcomes for everyone.
Image taken from Douglas OHI's blood drive. Part of our community support


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