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At Douglas OHI we understand that maintaining security and stability in today’s dramatically shifting global environment is not only a major challenge for Oman's government, but also of crucial importance.

Our skilled team knows and understands all these complexities, which allows us to identify, design, and implement innovative solutions to help solve our customers’ many requirements.

Maintaining a Defence Experience with Interserve

We work closely with Interserve, leveraging their decades of experience and understanding of the defence and national security sector. This allows us to integrate a wide range of capabilities and expertise to make sure that you get the best defence experience possible. We want to inspire confidence in our capacity to meet the current and future strategic requirements.

Our responsibility also extends to the communities that we serve. We are proud to serve the Omani community and believe in our responsibility to build them a better future. We have a proactive approach to making sure the communities we work are sustainable and work with people on an individual basis to resolve any issues.

This means the service we provide is not just about adding value whenever possible, but actually about transforming and inspiring local communities.

Case Studies

Have a look at some of our current and previous Defence projects:

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We offer a variety of solutions to carryout all types of Defence projects, delivering the best results for our clients.