Douglas OHI industrial services are actively focused on the development, construction, maintenance and operation of a wide range of heavy industrial projects.

The activities that Douglas OHI perform include power and water desalination, oil and gas civil projects, utilities, and sustainable and energy-efficient buildings. We also provide a support service to the industry which are aimed at industrial maintenance services, as well as supporting our client’s operation activities.

Image of Industrial work done by Douglas OHI

Supporting Oman’s Economic Development

Constructing environments to support Oman’s economic development with our fast-track delivery industrial projects, we make sure that are innovative design solutions help our clients achieve maximum value for money.

We pride ourselves on making optimum use of site space, and are considered a site reclamation and ground improvement specialist. We also operate in a responsible manner and therefore operate in a way that provides minimal disruption to the live environment that we’re operating in.

We understand that different operations have different needs. Therefore our services adapt to fit each project in order to give our customers exactly what they need.

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We offer a variety of solutions to carryout all types of Industrial projects, delivering the best results for our clients.