Working for Douglas OHI

At Douglas OHI we are continually looking for high quality employees and it is our aim to provide high quality work experience where training is provided for the workforce and management of the future.

Current Vacancies

Have a look at our current opportunities here or send your CV to the following email address:


Douglas OHI is fully committed to Omanisation and actively do what we can to develop the nation’s future.

We aim to recruit, train, develop, and retain a national workforce in order to provide local communities with the skills that they need to build tomorrow, together.

The company currently has Omanis working with every facet of the organisation including Administration, Accounts, Estimating, Quantity, Surveying, Engineering & Planning, Marketing, QA/QC Engineers and Skilled Tradesman such as Carpenters, Steel Fixers and Mechanics.

In order to support the Omani community further, we are developing our graduate and skills training in order to ensure quality jobs for our Omani workforce and real management opportunities for graduates.

We have also developed relationships with local colleges and universities to ensure that high quality work experience and training is provided for the Omani workforce of the future.